It is inevitable that living here in Alberta we are all going to suffer rock chips on the front panels of our car, typically the hood, both fenders and front bumper cover. Whilst the majority of vehicles have plastic bumpers and therefore don't rust they have the tendency to damage the surface and then start the paint peeling off. On the metal panels once chipped then rust sets in and if nothing is done to it the rust becomes a real problem to the point of replacing the panel.

Most customers do attempt to repair the chips by way of applying touch up paint and normally end up putting it on top of rust and apply too much paint which creates a blob of paint and becomes an eyesore.

Our repair system changes all the above by way of chemically changing the consistency of the paint to having a primer like quality which gives it great adhesion. We do not use brushes but wipe the paint into the chips which applies more paint than required and in the last part of the repair we remove the excess which leaves the paint in the chips only.