This type of damage normally occurs when the vehicle is driven over a concrete sleeper or curb and because nowadays cars are built much lower to the ground the damage occurs when driven backwards and the bumper hooks on the curb. Normally this would be a repair where a replacement bumper is fitted where depending on the make of car it can cost up to $2000 plus painting plus fitting.

We have the state of the art equipment that allows us to remove the bumper and weld the offending rip on the inside and then repeat the weld on outside, much like using an arc welder only we use plastic rods. There are currently 11 types of plastic used to manufacture bumpers and so it is essential that the corresponding rod matches the bumper otherwise the weld will be weakened by the miss match.

If the repair is done correctly, with skill of the operator, we can re-instate the strength of the original panel. After welding we carry out a spot repair on the damaged area ONLY and then achieve a seamless blend, this being another cost saving factor for you the customer.



Sometimes the plastic bumper buckles on impact without ripping the plastic. The repair can still be carried out by means of the skill of the technician by gently massaging the plastic from the inside. Once again the spot repair can be carried out by painting the local area of damage resulting in a seamless blend.



And finally the finished repair. Can you spot the difference between this and a new one? 

Our customers tell us that they have saved 65% repairing it this way rather than having a new bumper and having to paint the whole bumper and change over all the ancillaries like lights and trim. On average we can complete the repair in 2 days so there's no need for rental cars etc.

Consider this.